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An easy low cost system to store the mainsail
Gathering up, flaking and lashing down a big mainsail that’s sprawled all over a cabin top is a heavy wearisome and often daily task aboard a boat. It is particularly difficult with a high-set boom, when the sail is being blowing about on a slippery rolling deck and as often as not approaching a busy harbour. It can be an absolute pain to handle shorthanded and particularly singlehanded.

HiFi on the high seas without the storage issues
If you are not convinced of the MP3 format and believe the optimum in listening, the original CDs, consume a large amount of storage space. Worse, shelved CD cases are prime candidates to cause an irritating rhythmic slapping noise when they fall together in a vessel that is in motion.

A locker arrangement for stowing stem glasses at sea
Yachts are inhospitable environments for glasses. This is especially the case for delicate stem glasses used for wine. As a consequence yachts tend to use heavy tumbler glasses or go for plastic alternatives.

Drying oil skins and clothes
Sailing is very far removed from the images of bikini-clad ladies on sun-drenched decks that the media presented us with. Cold wet clothes and oilskins are more the active boater’s fare and the need to dry them. However wet lockers are primarily designed to trap the runoff from wet oil skins and little else.

An easy retainer to stow warps and lines and have them ready to hand
Line stowage is important on any type of vessel, but especially so on sailboats. So many lines are used to operate the boat they can easily find themselves fallen where they were just used in heaps.

Adding additional storage for charts and small continually use objects
If cruising outside home waters where multiples charts will be required you will find they are difficult to store as they ideally need to be stored in a large flat dry area. This creates a dilemma on vessels that have made no provisions for charts.

Stowing small object that are continually used
Finding small objects that you continually use in boxed storage can be tiresome.

Augmenting cabin storage for small to medium frequently used objects
Finding storage for small to medium objects is a challenge. They typically get lost or buried in the larger main lockers which can be tiresome.

Stowing and drying boots
Most boats have a wet locker but few have any provisions for storing and drying sailing boots.

Enhancing locker storage on a sailboat
Most yachts have large open locker spaces, where individual items drift down to the bottom of the locker. Once this floor space is used the rest of the locker goes entirely unused. This is a waste of space, one of the most constrained resources within a vessel.

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