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Improving a vessels upwind performance
Upwind sailing is an arduous pounding affair that we all try to avoid. However hard we try to avoid 'the beat', it is inevitable that we all have to go upwind sometime. When it happens most cruising sailors are completely taken aback by the vessels sudden lack of upwind performance when set against a vessels theoretical pointing capability or one experienced previously when leisure sailing. Whilst cruising the boat seems to defy logic and refuse to point effectively. The difference is the added equipment weight of the expedition and household equipment that effectively kills off upwind performance. This comes as a surprise to most cruising sailors causing problems when they are forced to go upwind to reach their destination.

Getting the most out of a vessel is by measuring and coding
Getting the most out of a vessel is not easy. A few highly gifted individuals will be able to feel for the sweet spots of a vessel and make the most of it. But people this talented are rare and it takes a long time for most of us to get the feel of a vessel and optimise it in a wide range of conditions

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