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Releasing seized nuts and bolts by heat
Bolts and nuts, like most every fastening, have a tendency to seize up on boats due to the challenging sea going environment.

How to cut out a large round hole
Cutting out a hole larger than the largest hole saw fitting can be daunting. It is very difficult to hand cut with a jig saw unless it is very large.

Marking out and cutting a round object such as an oar, boom or mast etc.
Accurately marking out a square line on a round object and then cutting it is not a simple task. It is far more likely to go wrong than right.

Undoing seized nuts and bolts in an awkward position aboard your vessel
Seized fastenings in difficult areas are a common encounter on a sea going vessel.

Getting up the mast solo or where the assisting crew member is challenged for strength
Going up the mast single handed, or indeed supported by someone who is not very strong, is not an easy task and very dangerous. With no one to support the single hander, or with someone who is able do little more than tension a safety line, the person going aloft is totally reliant on their own strength to pull themselves up.

How to whip
Whipping is a another line handling technique that requires some learning and time to implement.

The trick to coiling ropes
Coiling ropes looks simple, but when it comes to actually tying it the rope fights the coiling and never lays flat to make those beautiful even coils. Most all my early attempts looked like a recoded impression of the path an atom makes around the nucleus rather than the beautifully coiled ropes that instruction books present.

Keeping lines in place, the figure of eight.
Lazy line ends have a tendency to fly out through blocks up and out of masts.

Undoing seized nuts and bolts by adding additional leverage to spanners
Seized fastenings are a common encounter whilst carrying out maintenance, overhaul or repair on a sea going vessel.

How to identify water leaks in pressurised freshwater systems
Pressurised water systems load up freshwater pipes and joints. Often small leaks can develop typically at joints. It can be very difficult to detect where these leaks are.

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