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Preventing mischievous youngsters untying your vessel at town piers
In busy town piers that are open to the public you may get mischievous youngsters who see a vessels belayed shore lines on the dock cleats as just too much temptation. There is a strange nature that drives them to untie the lines and scarper.

Preventing a new dinghy outboard from being stolen
New outboards are prime targets for theft. The immaculate looks of a new outboard is completely conspicuous and they may readily be called into service on a new vessel or traded.

Preventing a new dingy from being stolen
New dinghies are prime targets for theft. Their immaculate new look is completely conspicuous and they are easy to trade.

Minimising the impact of a robbery
Robberies are rare aboard vessels but they do happen.

Making equipment labelling simpler to reduce equipment theft
Equipment theft in sailing circles is rare but it happens so it’s best to minimise the likelihood. The best way to reduce it is to clearly label everything with the yachts name and small ships registry number.

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