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Making it easier to get a warp on a marina mooring cleat or post
Warps are not convenient to get on a mooring cleat. Loops tend to fall flat and closed as opposed to an open lasso that is much easier to get around a mooring cleat or post.

Making it easy to depart from a berth with slip-lines
Departing a berth or pier can be difficult short handed or solo. The shore lines have to be manually released from the wall or pontoon resulting in a last moment dash by the releasing crewmember to jump aboard the departing vessel. This can be challenging with an offshore wind as the vessel may drift out as the knots are undone.

Making it easier to come alongside in a yacht that is difficult to manoeuvre
Yachts typically mount a combined engine throttle and gear leaver on the sidewall of the cockpit. This typically means that the final manoeuvres under power require the helmsman to duck up and down to make adjustments. Each time they will loose sight of all the objects around the vessel.

Making coming alongside easier, especially shorthanded
Coming along side can be a challenge. The boat has to be tethered with shorelines quickly so she does not overrun or fall off forcing a complete new berthing attempt. This is made much more difficult if operating shorthanded where it is difficult to get so many shorelines out in the short period available.

Making your private moorings convenient to be picked up
Picking up a mooring buoy can present a challenge, particularly so if you sail single handed. It involves a lot of dashing back and forth from cockpit to bow and can be tricky in crowded waters. With crew it is equally challenging as it is a prime time to loose a crew member overboard.

A convenient boat hook
Boat hooks are unwieldy and difficult to store on a yacht, particularly so the traditional strong and durable wooden boat-hook. Although more convenient, telescopic boat hooks are available, however they are not good for continuous or challenging use.

A trick to manoeuvre a poor steering vessel around tight marina bends
Getting into complicated marina berths can prove challenging. Especially so for vessels with long keels that do not steer well in tight conditions.

Being a happy hooker - getting to grips with anchoring
Novices tend to forsake anchoring for the safety of a marina, harbour wall or the security of an established set of moorings. This is largely a function of a lack of confidence.

Simplifying mooring pick up
Picking up moorings can present a challenge, particularly so if tried single handed. It is a prime time for crew to fall overboard and cause damage to other boats in tight mooring areas.

A simple approach to picking up moorings
Picking up moorings can present a challenge, particularly so if tried single handed.

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