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General all rounder box for the vessel

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What is the issue?
There are a multitude of purposes that require a box on a vessel. Yet a box consumes a lot of storage space on a vessel making it illogical.

Why address this?
As with many desired items the ration of inconvenience and storage room it requires set against its utility will dictate its adoption on a vessel. The more utility you can find for something the more likely it will find a home on a vessel.

How to address this?
Tailor a bespoke box to the size of the back end of the cockpit. This then can be used for multiple purposes.

(i) Fastened into the cockpit enroute it will dramatically reduce the cockpit volume and add a good quantity of convenient storage.

(ii) Steer for long periods where you have to stand to look over a spray dodger can be uncomfortable. Lifting up the box and setting it on the cockpit seat it can provide an excellent stool to support an elevated view.

(iii) In marinas it provides an ideal step from the pontoon. It is recommended that is is fitted with a u bolt and stainless strop, so it may be pad locked to a stanchion base.

(iv) If watertight, or splash proof, it can be ideal for those wet or splashy days where you need to protect dry items in the tender.

(v) With a good hardwood top surface it can make for an excellent work bench when rested on the cockpit seat.

(vi) Likewise a good hardwood top will make an excellent gutting block for fish.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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