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Safely stowing stem glasses at sea

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What is the issue?
Yachts are inhospitable environments for glasses. This is especially the case for delicate stem glasses used for wine. As a consequence yachts tend to use heavy tumbler glasses or go for plastic alternatives.

Why address this?
If you enjoy refined spirits or fine wines you will never be happy drinking out of a plastic or heavy glass tumbler.

How to address this?
Set aside a glass locker and mount especially tailored stem glass rack (s) into the top and bottom as presented in figures 1 & 2.

The trick is to tailor the ‘T’ cuts precisely to the width of specific glasses. At the end of the ‘T’ create a natural seat to accommodate the stems widening at the foot of the glass. This recess will hold the glass in place when hung. Tumbler glasses may be set into tight fitting seats that are easily cut out of a foot board with a hole-saw.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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