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Storing charts

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What is the issue?
If cruising outside home waters where multiples charts will be required you will find they are difficult to store as they ideally need to be stored in a large flat dry area. This creates a dilemma on vessels that have made no provisions for charts.

Why address this?
Keeping charts in good condition and convenient will lengthen their life and have them ready to turn in to service when you need them.

How to address this?
Insert a lift-out chart store into a flat surface as presented in figure 1.
Essentially a chart locker is a simple flat box that is very easy to construct. The key is to find a large flat surface in which to install it. Typically beneath the navigation station is ideal. However many do not have enough depth to accommodate the insert so the next best areas are beneath a bunk and into a locker lid, or into the table.
Implement four solid sliding bolts into each corner to secure it for heavy weather conditions. Something of this size coming loose in the cabin in a knock down situation would be highly dangerous.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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