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Making CD storage more efficient

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What is the issue?
If you are not convinced of the MP3 format and believe in listening to the original CDs you may find they consume a large amount of storage space. Worse, shelved CD cases are prime candidates to cause an irritating rhythmic slapping noise when they fall together in a vessel that is in motion.

Why address this?
Cruising yachts are very limited in space. One has to carefully measure the utility any item serves against the storage space it requires. This then has to be considered against the convenience of accessing it to determine if it is going to make it aboard and be used in reality. Anything that works on these variables makes for viability on all scores.

How to address this?
Remove the CDs from their original CD case and insert them into a CD wallet as shown in figure 1.

If you are happy to sacrifice the CD liner notes a higher packing density may be achieved by using blank computer CD containers as your CD holders, see figure 2. Alphabetically indexing helps but you will have to dig about for the album you require in this arrangement.

These containers offer the highest packing density and as many people replicate their home collection to the yacht it may be a very convenient solution just to stow the replicas in the blank disks containers.

Light degrades CDs, particularly so computer burnt CDs, so find a dark dry locker for the collection to habitat.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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