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Enhancing locker storage.

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What is the issue?
Most yachts have large open locker spaces, where individual items sit on the bottom of the locker. Once this floor space is used the rest of the locker goes entirely unused. This is a waste of one of the most constrained resources within a vessel - space.

Why address this?
Optimising storage makes it easier to find just what you want, when you need it. It allows many additional items to be viable aboard and makes life that bit more relaxed.

How to address this?
Implement shelving in the lockers as presented in figure 1. Shelving provides for much more layers of capacity than open lockers.

Implementing fiddles should hold most contents in place. If you want both ‘belt and braces’ you can also elect to slant the shelving to make certain they stay in place during a tack. This makes the storage slightly less convenient whilst moored.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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