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Removing stripes and stickers from boats

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What is the issue?
Boat stripes and stickers tend to degrade and look bad in time. Although they can be removed and replaced it is not easy to get the originals off. The usual approach is to heat the stickers with a hairdryer and then scrape them off with a wide chisel.

Why address this?
Stripes in poor condition look bad and need to be removed or replaced. Although the above approach is effective it runs the risk of overheating the gel coat and scratching it with the chisel.

How to address this?
Heat the stripes with a domestic wallpaper steam stripper as presented in figure 1.

A domestic wallpaper steam stripper has enough heat to address the sticker without damaging the gel coat, especially so if used outside where the heat can dissipate quickly and it is not held in one location for too long. The stickers lift and crack under the steam. Glue remover will take away and residual glue.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession

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