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How to preserve teak work without continual maintenance

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What is the issue?
Most yachts have wooden details above decks providing warmth and traditional charm. This degrades quickly under strong sun (ultraviolet) light and/or continual damp conditions.
Some woods and particularly so teak decking and gratings for example can be selected to grey naturally but this is not the case with trim or detailing. Keeping this detailing woodwork in good condition requires a time-consuming routine of regular oiling or varnishing.

Why address this?
Caring for wooden detailing preserves the yachts appearance. This is important not alone for pride of ownership but also affects the vessels valuation. A solution needs to be found to maintain the trim without taking on a routine and time consuming chore.

How to address this?
Unless the vessel is a show boat it typically only needs to look its absolute best on the day it is being sold. Hence the objective could be viewed as protecting the wood trim so it may be fully restored to its optimal presentation at any future point.
This may be accomplished by:
(i) Thoroughly preparing the surface.
(ii) Apply at least six coats of varnish.
(iii) Paint over this by two further coats of a wood colour paint to halt ultraviolet damage.

This will completely protect the wood for several years. At any future point the paint may easily be stripped off. The underneath varnish may be recoated to provide an excellent finish.

This avoids a continuous, painstaking chore whilst ensuring the vessels wood trim is protected and can be brought to optimal condition at any future point.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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