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Protecting a wintered vessel from boot grit whilst carrying out work on it ashore

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What is the issue?
Hard standing wintered boats are typically stored in mud yards that have been filled by shale or gravel. This sticks into the treads of work boots. As people come and go from the vessel it gets carried aboard and trodden in around the boat.

Why address this?
Grit in working boots not only dirties the vessel, but it scratches and abrades the paint and varnished surfaces of the vessel.

How to address this?
Raise the foot of the ladder that takes workmen aboard up and on to a palette or wide board that stands clear of the ground. Place a large hard doormat in front of the ladder so boots can be scrubbed before ascending.

If the area is particularly muddy place a trough of water so the bottom of boots may be sloshed clean.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession

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