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Preventing marine growth from building above the waterline on a long-distance cruising yacht.

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What is the issue?
Cruising yachts find they quickly acquire a ring of green algae growth on the topsides just above the waterline. It is very difficult to remove and despite best scrubbing efforts it will continuously return.

Why address this?
This sea growth on the typically white topsides above the boats waterline is conspicuously ugly looking. A particularly bad case is where a vessel has a counter-stern where grows a beard.

How to address this?
Move the vessels water line up at least an inch and a half in the final fit out before setting off. See picture of our vessel below which had limited freeboard from the outset.
Extra gear necessary for long distance cruising can easily weigh in excess of a ton.
It is this weight that lowers the boat in the water thus raising the natural water line significantly. Hence the antifouling has to equally go up to protect the topsides from marine growth. You may as well do this from the outset.

For the boat-pride folk it is sad to paint up onto those lovely topsides but the sea growth looks totally awful and you may as well make the decision at the start as opposed to a few months later.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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