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Enlarging an existing round hole

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What is the issue?
Enlarging an existing round hole can present a challenge. Round holes are typically cut out by a hole-saw mounted on a drill. However a pre-existing hole lacks the infill for the piloting bit to centre the saw blade. This makes it impossible to use a hole-saw to cut enlargements.

Why address this?
We often cut holes too small, as well as too large, and an effective approach to enlarge holes will pay dividends when the problem is encountered.

How to address this?
Wedge a piece of wood tightly into the hole and press in until flush with the surface. Use the inserted peg as guide for the hole-saws bit and cut out the new enlarged hole.

A tight fitting wine cork as presented in figure 2 is perfectly fine to act as a fixing point for a hole-saw’s piloting bit.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession, with thanks to Toy Gibson.

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