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A simple splice for light braided line

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What is the issue?
Splices are convenient but can be daunting to master.

Why address this?
A splice is a convenient and highly secure way to finish a line. Having the ability to easily produce splices will be a useful addition to ones boating capability.

How to address this?
Adopt the very simple ‘’double pass-through and bury’’ technique presented in figures 1 - 3 on an 8mm, sixteen plait, polypropylene braid.

Please note the thimble is not necessary for the approach, but does prevent chafe in regular boating use. A hollow fid is ideal for splicing but this approach is so simple that a Philips screwdriver to spread the braid is ample assistance. The use of both red and blue pass-through tape is to assist the pictorial representation. If a particular line does not have a loose core to allow the end burial an alternate approach is to finish it by whipping it down.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession

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