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Keeping lines in place, the figure of eight.

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What is the issue?
Lazy line ends have a tendency to fly out through blocks up and out of masts.

Why address this?
Rethreading lines, especially into masts, can be a non trivial exercise.

How to address this?
Apply the figure of eight ‘stopper knot’ to the lazy end of the line as presented in figures 1-4.
The figure of eight is one of the most widely used ‘stopper knots’ and works with all types of ropes. It can be easily untied after a load has been applied, but it does not untie itself, and is less likely to jam than the overhand knot. It also places the least stress on the rope when tied tight. Finally it is very easy to learn.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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