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Fitting a PL259 aerial connector to coaxial cable

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What is the issue?
A high quality VHF installation is required to maximise reception and reduce interference. However cabling connections revolve around implementing PL259 plugs that appear daunting and may lead you to call on expensive specialist help.

Why address this?
Personally addressing this task will reduce costs and enable you to carry out repairs in cruising areas where help may not be freely available.

How to address this?
Following the ten steps set out in figures 1- 6.
The PL-259 plug fits RG8U cable and, with suitable adaptors, RG8X and RG58. The PL259 connector mates with an SO-239 socket fitted to quality antennas. Suitable cables include RG-58 (smallest), RG-8X, RG-8U and RG213. See ‘Optimising VHF performance’

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Salty John, specialising in a select collection of tried and tested sailing equipment. Web site: http://www.saltyjohn.co.uk/ phone +44 (0) 1995 672556 e-mail: info@saltyjohn.co.uk

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