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Shocking a seized nut free

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What is the issue?
Nuts, like most every fastening, have a tendency to seize up on boats due to the challenging sea going environment.

Why address this?
A seized nut can halt a project, cause frustration and cost money.

How to address this?
Hold a very heavy hammer or sledge hammer solidly behind one face of the bolt and strike it with a hammer on the opposite side - see figure 1. The jarring shock usually loosens the nut.

Another approach is to strike the body of the bolt from above with a copper headed hammer whilst someone else is applying a turning movement on the nut with a wrench. If you have not got a copper hammer, or the hammer is too wide to strike the bolt, use a brass drift to avoid the hard face of hammer head striking and riveting the bolt.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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