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Emergency cutless bearing fix

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What is the issue?
You discover you have a cutless bearing that has become badly worn causing the prop shaft to vibrate a lot. Your holidays are about to be ruined because you have to haul the boat to fix that, right?

Why address this?
Your family or friends won't be too happy spending their holidays in a boat yard. Relationships are important, but so is the safety and smooth running of your boat. What you need is a "get out of jail free" card - and here it is.

How to address this?
Go to an electricians suppliers and get a bunch of hin plastic cable ties. Dive down under the boat and pass these longitudinally thru the failed bearing and tie them tight. This creates a water lubricated bearing. The credit for this idea goes to a South African guy who sailed around in the Aegean for 2 months using this fix.

With thanks to:
Conrad - S/Y CHICA

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