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Stopping a tethered dingy rubbing against the yacht and / or making slapping noises

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What is the issue?
Depending on conditions dinghies tethered to the stern of a yacht can make a lot of slapping noise in a chop or rub up or butt against the yacht itself at other times.

Why address this?
The slapping noises of a trailing dinghy can be very annoying for crew trying to rest or sleep in stern cabins. Equally annoying is rubbing up alongside and bumping the yacht and this is not good for the topsides.

How to address this?
The answer is to hoist the dinghy up at night on davits. If you do not have davits you can utilise the approach presented in figure 1 and 2.
This may be achieved by:
1/ Put in place a set of hoist lines that are at the balancing point of the tenders and outboards weight and have them conveniently available.
2/ Attach a halyard to these lines.
3/ Hoist the dinghy out and let the dingy lay up against the topside.
This technique is also a good approach to secure the dinghy in uncertain anchorages known for theft. A hoisted dinghy is a difficult theft and unlikely to be stolen. This may be made fully secure by deploying a locking cable to the tender and outboard from a fixed point on the vessel.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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