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How to make effective curtains

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What is the issue?
It is difficult to strike the balance between curtains that are both effective and do not detract from the appearance of the yacht.

Why address this?
Curtains are important for privacy when alongside. They are also are important in hot climates to protect the cabin from the hot sun. A boat in motion or at anchor sends lets sun spots in via the portholes to locate your face no matter where you are sitting.

How to address this?
Fix curtains as presented in figure 1:
All that is required are some small appealing drawer knobs, available in most large hardware stores, and some bungee to act as a curtain pole by ending it with a loop and whipping.
Fix the knobs via epoxy. Allow a height that enables the ports to be opened and enough length for the gathered curtain material to reside when the curtains are open. Use, or line, your curtains with a black-out fabric.
This is a neat and versatile approach to making curtains for the vessel.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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