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Reducing the cost of engine oil

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What is the issue?
Manufacturer recommended branded engine oils are expensive and add substantially to the cost of running your vessel.

Why address this?
This expenditure may be dramatically reduced with some forethought and planning.

How to address this?
Premium branded oils often trade on your uncertainty and the wish to care for your engines - wanting to give them the best. Of course they may have some excellent additional properties and this is not disputed. However the low cost, no brand oils that are rated to meet the engines specifications in the provided manual offers exactly what your engine needs and meets the warranty requirements.
Another alternative for value on premium brands is to go to large dealerships and stock up for a years sailing. If you buy in large quantities pumped into your own cans from their commercial fifty gallon drums you can achieve highly attractive prices.

It is highly recommended that cruisers add to their provisioning lists the bulk buying of oil, and associated engine oil filters etc, whilst in ports where economies may be maximised.

Just a little thought and planning can dramatically reduce costs.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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