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Personal portable light for close hand work in the dark

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What is the issue?
When working on decks at night the old sea maxim of ‘one hand for the boat, one hand for your life’ comes into play. This leaves little room for a torch and most people hold a penlight in their mouth to provide directional illumination.

Why address this?
Holding a torch light in ones mouth is not comfortable for anything longer than a few minutes work and becomes a problem if you need to communicate with a colleague. It is also less than hygienic and could be very dangerous should you have a fall and land on it.

How to address this?
Use a headlamp instead of a standard torch. Powerful new ‘Light Emitting Diode’ based (LED) models are light, offer up to twenty metres of short range light with sustained battery life.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession, with thanks to Lee Gunter of www.medlectric.com

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Lee Gunter wrote this review on Dec 13th 2006:
I still prefer a small (no longer than 2.5" or 63.5 mm) with O-ring single 1.5 battery to put in my mouth. It is automatically squezzed when in stress and can not be knocked off the head like a head mounted LED - by an errant line. However inside working on the engine the headlamp is superior. Lee Gunter

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