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Adding storage for crew members clothes and personal items without consuming usable vessel space

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What is the issue?
Yachts are highly space restricted and when crews come aboard they bring a quantity of personal items that require individual storage space. This can often be hard to come by.

Why address this?
Maximising every cubic inch of space on a yacht is critical, particularly so with crews. Human beings are particularly territorial and this is amplified in a yachts constrained environment. If a crew cannot be provided a specific place to store their belongings that is theirs and easily accessible to them without disturbing others it will cause discord.

How to address this?
A good solution to add clothes storage is to use or specifically tailor duffel bags that attach above berths via turn buttons.

Good positioning of the bags will allow you to use the deeper part of the berth and the natural v-shape of the vessel to carry the bags outward so it does not reside in useable berth space.

Tailoring the bags specifically for the vessel and matching the fabric to the vessels upholstery can make the duffel bags look like part of the fittings. Make certain to use fabric that is resistant to mildew, sturdy plastic zips and all rings and turn-buttons need to be made of stainless steel.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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