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Preventing a new dingy from being stolen

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What is the issue?
New dinghies are prime targets for theft. Their immaculate new look is completely conspicuous and they are easy to trade.

Why address this?
You want to avoid being stranded without a tender and the cost of replacement or associated insurance premiums.

How to address this?
If the dinghy is to stay with you for its serviceable life (i.e. you will not be trading it in or selling it in the future) devalue the dinghies by customising it and making it appear old and tatty see figures 1 and 2.

This is a hard and painful choice for yachtsmen. We take great pride in turning out our vessel and tenders ‘ship shape and Bristol fashion’. This is further accentuated when we are talking about deliberately devaluing a beautiful and expensive new dinghy. However, by not diminishing its appearance you are making it appealing for people without morals.

The most effective way to achieve this is via the following steps:
1/ Firstly clearly mark the dinghy with the yachts name and registration number in such a fashion that they cannot easily be removed. Also put in place an eye bolt point to a fixed part of the dingy so that it may be locked if required.
2/ Paint the dinghy with brightly coloured rubber paint.
3/ The effect may be furthered by painting slapdash images upon the rubber paint presented in figure 2, I went on to add a rash of Irish shamrocks to make the overall effect distinctly awful.

Once complete you will find wherever you tie up your dinghy, although it may be new and the most serviceable, it looks worthless. Thieves walk on by.
This is accentuated in time when the rubber paint starts to degrade and flake. You may wish to recoat the paint as this has the added benefit of offering UV protection.

This approach is heartbreaking but totally effective.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, with thanks to Bernie and Sue McDonald, Yacht New Liver Bird.

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sidney mcinerney wrote this review on Jan 29th 2010:
Another trick is to stick a few patches at key areas.Nobody wants a dinghy with patches on it.It looks un safe.

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