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Simplifying mooring pick up

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What is the issue?
Picking up moorings can present a challenge, particularly so if tried single handed. It is a prime time for crew to fall overboard and cause damage to other boats in tight mooring areas.

Why address this?
Getting the yacht set upon its moorings easily will facilitate single-handed sailing, keep crew aboard and avoid damage by collision making the sailing life that much more pleasurable. This is especially the case if you regularly use a set of moorings and particularly so if they are your own.

How to address this?
Use a boathook with a locking head or one armed with a carbine hook, as presented in figure 1 and 2.

This allows a line to be attached to a ringed mooring buoy, dock cleat or mooring ring safely and easily.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession - photos with thanks to Salty John web http://www.saltyjohn.co.uk/

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