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Getting the vessel away from a tight quayside berth without a supporting breeze

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What is the issue?
Mooring space along a quayside can be at a premium with very little available at the bow or stern to power a vessel out. This can be made particularly challenging if a breeze is pushing the vessel onto the quay.

Why address this?
With no room to steer out from the quay and a wind blowing the vessel onto the wall, it can be virtually impossible to pull out without assistance.

How to address this?
Spring the boat out as presented in figures one and two.

Place some large fenders on the bow as presented. Remove all the shore lines except for a springer on the bow set in a bight so that it may be easily slipped and retrieved aboard. Power forward so the boat comes upon the springer and presses into the quay on the fenders. This pulls the stern out and the vessel may then be reversed out.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession

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