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Making coming alongside easier, especially shorthanded

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What is the issue?
Coming along side can be a challenge. The boat has to be tethered with shorelines quickly so she does not overrun or fall off forcing a complete new berthing attempt. This is made much more difficult if operating shorthanded where it is difficult to get so many shorelines out in the short period available.

Why address this?
Poor berthing could cause the vessel to run up on a nearby object damaging the vessel and other nearby yachts.

How to address this?
Getting a single line, preferably a lasso, just forward of the quarter on a mooring cleat and you should be able to hold the vessel stationary by motoring forward with some tiller as presented in figure 1. This should provide you ample time and control to get the other shorelines in place with the minimum of fuss.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession

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