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Keeping track of tides when sailing in tidal affected areas

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What is the issue?
Sailing in tidal waters requires constant vigilance and quick maths to make best use of currents. As the tide times are constantly changing and there are many distractions on a sailing vessel, it is easy to forget the tidal times or make an error of maths.

Why address this?
Not paying attention to tidal conditions, or making an error of judgement on the tide, could lead to major difficulties.

How to address this?
Attach a simple tidal indicator to the ships clock making it possible to see at a glance the current tide status.
Print or copy the format of the Figure 1 tidal indicator onto cardboard. If printing, scale the mid section to the actual diameter of your ships clock.
In use, rotate the indicator so the arrow to points to the time of high water and set in place with blue tack. See Figure 2 where high water is at 13:00 and it is currently low water.

This is a zero cost and very effective guide.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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