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Getting lines in faster around a block by 'swigging'

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What is the issue?
Turning line around a block with a winch handle is a good way to finish line tension but it can be slow to take a quantity of line in.

Why address this?
To take line in faster.

How to address this?
A line can be taken into block much quicker with a second person 'swigging' or 'sweating' the line.

The first person pulls the line around the block but instead of winding it in they hold the tension on the tail.

The other helper then heaves upon the middle of the rope that exists between the block and a fairlead at a perpendicular angle. Once it is drawn out at an angle they let it go creating a momentary lack of tension. The man on the block quickly snatches the slack up. Repeat this process 'swigging' in quick succession can take in a large quantity of line very quickly.

This process can be used single handed with a cleat to take up the last bit of slack on a halyard for instance. Take a single turn round a cleat and alternately heaving on the rope above the cleat while taking up each snatch of line the swigging releases.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, with thanks to Derek Joyce

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