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Monitoring a vessels course whilst resting on passage, or checking for wind veers at anchor

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What is the issue?
Whilst making passage off-watch skippers tend not to rest as they are anxious about the crew maintaining a true course. This causes a tendency to regularly rise and check the navigation station. Similarly, at anchor concerns about an undesirable wind shift can cause restlessness.

Why address this?
Both of these lead to skipper exhaustion and ultimately could lead to bad decision making.

How to address this?
Mount a compass above the skippers off-watch bunk as presented in Figure 1. This can be easily achieved by utilising a hand baring compass that can be installed on any inclination, utilising the clip bracket which is often provided. Certain models include a night light. Having this available at a glance for an off watch skipper provides a major level of assurance.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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