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Powering and charging occasional AC devices aboard a yacht

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What is the issue?
Yachts typically operate on 12Volt DC Systems. This means that it is not possible to charge occasional personal user device that show up aboard such as mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, laptop computers, camcorders, portable video game consoles, stereos etc.

Why address this?
Modern living has left very few of us, or our friends and guests, unattached to some modern gadget or device. Acquiring individual DC chargers for each and every unit would be both expensive and impractical.

How to address this?
Invest in a 12 volt DC to 230 volt AC Mains Inverter so that all the devices may be charged by their domestic chargers.

I personally invested in the e:Can example presented in figure 1 as this offered AC power up to 150 Watts but also interestingly USB 2 port charging. Many devices these days connect to a personal computer via a USB port. As this is a powered cable they also charge via this route which offers additional flexibility.

If you are not sure what your device will draw, listed below are some indicative outlines.

Mobile phone charger 5w-10w
Digital Camera 4w-19w
Video game console 39w-100w
Camcorder charger 3w - 20w
Portable light 8w - 60w
Portable stereo 10w - 40w
Laptop computer 60w - 95w
Printer 100w - 200w
19'' TV 100w -160w
12'' Fan 80w -140w

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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