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Storing warps with order and ease!

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What is the issue?
Throwing mooring warps into the locker can be easy storage but tangled recovery. Using hooks means catching everything in sight. The option described here makes storage and recovery easy.

Why address this?
Speedy access to warps can be a safety issue but it's always important. When novice crew are on board it helps if they know immediately what warps are needed for what and where to find them.

How to address this?
Using a piece of wood with grooves, a light rope (about 10mm diam) with a single knot at each end is used to hold the coiled warp. The rope rack is fitted just inside the lid of the cockpit locker so that the lines are easily accessed and do not interfere with the rest of the locker's contents. Typically there could be six grooves: for fore and aft mooring lines, two springs, two long lines for high pier walls. These are stored in the order in which they are used, making it easy for novice crew to pick the right warp. (For example, from fore to aft: bow long line, bow mooring warp, bow spring, stern spring, stern mooring warp, stern long line.) Before storing, the warps only need to be coiled, any further trussing is unnecessary.

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Brian Lennon

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