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A hot shower in warm sunny environments

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What is the issue?
Water is a scarce resource and most people have reservations using the main tank's drinking reserve for personal showers. Should that be acceptable warming it can also be a challenge.

Why address this?
There is nothing more pleasant and refreshing than a warm shower at the end of a hot day.

How to address this?
If you have a black jerry can to carry additional water, as we had, turn it into a solar shower as presented in figure 1. Alternatively dedicate a can to the purpose.

There are many low cost solar shower options available but we found them flimsy, easy to burst and they ran out very quickly. Instead we turned to using one of our reserve water containers to the role. In areas where fresh water was freely available, but perhaps a little suspect for drinking, we happily filled up the can for showering and dropped it on the deck to baste in the sun for a day.

For best effect the can has to be black. Drop the longest widest copper pipe you can fit through the filler cap and into the drum. This we aids circulation of the hot water when solar heating. Running lines around the can as presented makes it easier to handle and lash down.

Because there were always two of us aboard we kicked off the siphon by cupping our hands over the lid and blowing in with a short length of pipe. This pressed water out of the shower hose creating the siphon. You could of course give a suck on the pipe and attach the shower rose once you feel the water coming, but you may get a mouth full of uncertain water.

Once we got this system going we kept the drum for this purpose. However if it was required again for water storage on exceptionally long passages this would not an issue – just remove the copper bar. All that is required is that it be left to dry in the sun for a day or two until it is bone dry and ready to go with drink water again.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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