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Leeboard vs. leecloth

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What is the issue?
When sleeping at sea rest is imperative to function properly.

Why address this?
falling out of a bunk or berth is dangerous, and the fear in the back of one's mind of falling out each time a boat heels make getting rest even more difficult.

How to address this?
Make a leeboard of marine plywood which is as high as one's hips when lying on one's side. Due to the vagaries of yacht design, first use a cardboard template and then cut the plywood. Sliding hatch latches can be fitted in to the ends of the plywood where they can slide and lock the plywood from movement. Caution: do not try the cheapest hardware for this task. When in place, the leeboard is firm and most reassuring when one rolls and is stopped by it. Solid sleep is assured in even the roughest conditions. By contrast a leecloth sags and one continually has the sensation of falling out of a sea berth.

With thanks to:
Lee Gunter at www.medlectric.com

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