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How to confidently board and unlock your yacht on dark moonless nights

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What is the issue?
Climbing aboard and unlocking a vessel upon dark nights can involve considerable groping in the dark and the occasional stubbed toe.

Why address this?
To add convenience, comfort and safety to your sailing life.

How to address this?
Most large hardware stores offer solar powered lights that illuminate garden pathways. These can be easily mounted to a support in the cockpit or the flagpole with the minimum of effort. These lights typically offer several hours of low level cockpit illumination after dark. They offer a perfect light source to facilitate climbing aboard and unlocking the vessel.

These lights can be purchased for a negligible sum of money and require little rigging. They draw no power from the yachts power system and come on automatically at dusk.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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Dave Maher wrote this review on Sep 12th 2015:
Another option is LED 12V lights with IR Remote Controller, very cheap and easy to install, hit the remote and your deck lights come on giving exceptional light and safety.

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