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If you cruise extensively invest in a powered anchor windless

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What is the issue?
Manually hauling in long chains and anchors, either with a manual winch or without, is a slow, backbreaking, exhausting task. This is especially the case in very hot climates.

Why address this?
If anchoring becomes a daunting manual task it will, in time, cause you to place your crew and vessel in jeopardy.

Unless you are incredibly disciplined the time will come when you are tired and rely upon an uncertain holding position because the option of taking it all up again and resetting is just too much. You will tend to put out the minimum length of chain for the depth and find that in a situation where a quick exit is required the manual method will be painfully slow.

Where there is no manual windlass and the anchor is deployed completely manually it is a prime time for the crew to strain themselves, receive injuries and fall over board.

How to address this?
Invest in a powered windlass. An effective anchoring ability is a key strength to a vessels arsenal.

It may be an expensive item as well as being another item to go wrong aboard, however in time it will pay for itself many times over. If anchoring is a breeze you tend to sail on past the marina.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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