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Convenient padlock

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What is the issue?
Most all yachts are secured somewhere by traditional padlocks, either at the main hatch or cockpit lockers. Keeping track of these and laying your hands upon them when required can become a bind and matching keys to locks can be time consuming.

Why address this?
A convenient and fast means of securing and unlocking a vessel makes for an easier life and a vessel that is more likely to be secured. It also avoids the odd injured foot or dented woodwork that occurs when trays of heavy locks are carried about and the inevitable accident happens.

How to address this?
Mount conveniently located padlock holders as presented in figure 1 and colour code the pad locks.
Station the padlock holders where the padlock resides. For instance, if the padlock is used to secure a locker, mount the holder on the bulkhead just inside that locker where it can be conveniently reached from the cockpit. Similarly with the main hatch have it within easy reach of the companionway.
To make padlock identification easier colour code the vessels suite of locks by painting them and their keys a clearly distinguishable colour. Then use them in the same location.
Once a routine location, lock and key colour system is established locking and unlocking the vessel becomes a cinch.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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