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Don’t have a hand-driven oil filter wrench and the oil filter is stuck?

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What is the issue?
Tightened oil filters can be difficult to remove without a hand-driven oil filter wrench.

Why address this?
You need to remove a jammed before the oil can be changed and the service is complete.

How to address this?
There are two approaches to a jammed oil filter where an oil filter wrench is unavailable, the destructive and non destructive route.

The first and destructive route is to hammer a screwdriver through the middle and use the additional purchase it affords to turn off the oil filter. Many people are nervous about doing this as in the unlikely event that the problem should continue the engine is then total out of commission with a destroyed filter.

The non destructive approach is to tighten a large jubilee around the filter. If you do not have a large enough jubilee a pair of smaller ones can be joined to encompass the filter. Once tight the screw heads provide a place to tap the filter off.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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Ron Smith wrote this review on Dec 10th 2014:
I am unfamiliar with the term jubilee, perhaps you could offer an alternative, for those of us from the colonies you know (Canada)

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