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An adjustable wrench that locks on

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What is the issue?
Sliding wrenches and spanners have a tendency to roll off tight nuts.

Why address this?
Once a spanner has slips you have rounded off the corners of the nut or bolt. This has pretty much destroyed it for wrenches and the Vise Grip is the only tool that will work from that point on. Worse, a loaded wrench slip has a tendency to painfully slam knuckles into metal.

How to address this?
Use an adjustable locking wrench as presented in figure 1.
I came by this wrench by chance. It combines an adjustable wrench with a vice grip that locks on and won't slip off. The tool is 13cm long and jaws can open up to about 3cm wide.
Having the non-slip hold on fasteners is great. It is very useful when working alone because you can lock it on to a bolt and turn off a nut without the bolt-holding wrench falling off. Yet unlike a vice grip it does not damage the bolt.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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