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Convenient tools for engine work

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What is the issue?
Tools are stowed in lockers that as often as not can be less than conveniently located on a boat. Typically any engine work will involve lifting saloon cushions out of place and holding up locker lids whilst digging through toolboxes to find the required items.

Why address this?
This slows progress and adds a degree of unnecessary frustration to every task. Anything that makes engine work easier is welcome and makes it more likely that a timely piece of work is not put off.

How to address this?
Mount a tool rack in the engine compartment dedicated to specific tools that are required for engine work.

Engine compartment tool rack
Photo: Michael Harpur

You will be surprised to discover the engine typically requires only a handful of tools. You will find you probably have duplicates of these items, and if not it is well worth buying a spare set dedicated to the engine compartment. A similar approach can be used by mounting the required tools in the exact location they will be needed so they are ready to hand.

Do use a shock cord and pull it tight over the tools when you are finished as shown above. Otherwise, you will have introduced another maddening rattle for those long rolling down-wind runs.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.

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