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Knockadoon Harbour

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Knockadoon Harbour is located on the south coast of Ireland, just off Knockadoon Head in the southwest corner of Youghal Bay, in Co Cork. It offers an anchorage off a small rural pier.

Knockadoon Harbour is located on the south coast of Ireland, just off Knockadoon Head in the southwest corner of Youghal Bay, in Co Cork. It offers an anchorage off a small rural pier.

The Harbour provides an exposed anchorage in prevailing south-westerlies and is entirely open to anything with an easterly component. Access is straightforward as the head is readily identifiable from some distance and there are no outlying dangers.

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Keyfacts for Knockadoon Harbour

Overviews of Knockadoon Head and Capel Iseland

About Knockadoon Harbour

Knockadoon Harbour is a small pier that services open fishing vessels. By the pier is the building that is home to the Knockadoon Camp, a Dominican summer school youth camp based on Christian values. From the harbour, a road leads to Knockadoon Head that provides visitors with excellent views out over the Atlantic and Youghal Bay.

Likewise, a visit to the attractive 37 metre high Capel Island, just off Knockadoon Head, provides for an interesting and unusual excursion. The island, that separates Ballycotton Bay from Youghal Bay, is very small having just over ten acres and rising to 37 metres. It acquired its name from a Norman family, de Capelle, who was granted the island after the Norman invasion in the 12th century. Capel Island is today privately owned and became largely a Birdwatch Ireland nature reserve. A colony of breeding Cormorant reside on the southwest corner and a small heard of goats roam the island.

The dominant feature of the island is its tower set on its highest point. The building is the stub of an uncompleted 19th-century lighthouse. The tower, including the domed roof, is approximately twenty-five feet high, the base is also about twenty feet in diameter and it then tapers to about seventeen feet at the top. Stone walls surround the building and a small square out-house. Today the building has a locked gate so it is not possible to explore inside. Although incomplete it still serves as a very useful navigational beacon to distinguish Youghal Bay.

It is possible to land a dinghy on a projecting northwest low headland, from the centre of the island on the northwest side. Two small landing beaches will be found on either side of the foot of this headland. From there it is possible to scramble up to the top of the island.

From a sailing perspective, being just within Knockadoon Head, it is a very useful stopover for a lunch break for vessels making passage up the coast. Likewise, it makes a good tide wait location for vessels planning on entering Youghal.

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Overviews of Knockadoon Head and Capel Iseland

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