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Bude Haven

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Bude Haven is a small seaside resort town on Cornwall's north coast, about 10 miles to the northeast of Boscastle. It dries entirely but offers a sea lock where a vessel may lie afloat in perfect security, and a flat sandy beach for those that can take to the bottom.

The beach is exposed west round to north, but the sea lock offers complete protection from all conditions once you are in. However, this is subject to many constraints as this haven faces out into the Atlantic Ocean. The harbourmaster requires 24 hours’ notice to grant permission to enter the sea lock, and this is subject to conditions being very settled or a moderate offshore wind prevailing with no swell. The approach then has to be made at high water via a dogleg pathway that requires daylight to pick up its leading transits. Should the right window present itself, it should also be remembered that a departure is subject to the same constraints.
Please note

No attempt should be made on Bude Haven if any ground swell is running.

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Water hosepipe available alongsideWater available via tapShore power available alongsideShore based toilet facilitiesShowers available in the vicinity or by arrangementHot food available in the localityPublic house or wine bar in the areaMarked or notable walks in the vicinity of this locationPleasant family beach in the areaCashpoint or bank available in the areaPost Office in the areaInternet café in the areaInternet via a wireless access point availableDoctor or hospital in the areaPharmacy in the areaScrubbing posts or a place where a vessel can dry out for a scrub below the waterlineBus service available in the areaShore based family recreation in the area

Berth alongside a deep water pier or raft up to other vesselsQuick and easy access from open waterUrban nature,  anything from a small town of more 5,000 inhabitants  to a large city

Dangerous to enter when it is Beaufort force 3 or more from N, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW and NNW.Restriction: shallow, drying or partially drying pierRestriction: access via a channel with a lock or enclosed by a lockRestriction: rising tide required for accessNote: harbour fees may be chargedLittle air protection

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