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Entering and exiting Strangford Lough

Tides and tools

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What is the route?
These are a set the tidal windows and waypoints to assist in entering, exiting and navigating through Strangford Narrows. The sequence of description is from south to north as follows.

  • • Passes East of Angus Rock

  • • East of Meadow

  • • West of Routen Wheel

  • • West of the Seagen

The preceding east coast set of waypoints and coastal description is available by clicking 'Previous', above, and vessels planning on continuing southward, beyond Dublin Bay, can find the following set of waypoints and coastal description by click 'Next'.

Why sail this route?
Up until about the 18th century, the main body of the loch was better known by its Irish name Loch Cuan, meaning ‘sea-inlet of bays/havens’ which is entirely fitting. For Strangford Lough provides cruisers with all-weather, all-tide shelter and at least seventy islands, along with many islets called pladdies, bays, coves, inlets and headlands to explore. All of which lie peacefully within a natural Marine Conservation Zone with a handful of pretty County Down villages around its rural shore. It is the finest sheltered sailing area in Ireland and it offers 60 square miles of pure cruising delight to all who come here.

Tidal overview
Today's summary tidal overview for this route as of Tuesday, October 20th at 04:16. Best exit lending itself to northbound passage is at the start of the ebb, best exit leading itself to a southbound passage is at the end of the ebb.

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