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Coastal Overview for Lizard Point to Land's End

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What is the route?
This is the coastal overview for Lizard Point to Start Point. Detailed coastal overviews are intended to be read alongside local area charts so that the key considerations may be noted and pencilled in well in advance. The intention is not only to make passages safer by highlighting coastal dangers but also to make them more enjoyable by unavailing all the Havens along the way so that the occasional coastal gem might not be overlooked.

Why sail this route?
This is the primary coastal overview for vessels cruising the West Country providing coastal overviews and the directions to visit the many havens along this sailing area. Cruising encompasses a combination of long passage runs, to move between coastal sailing grounds and more detailed inshore navigation within the sailing areas. Coastal overviews strive to meet both these needs by providing a combination of the key coastal characteristics for the passages passage and immediate offshore area dangers to assist in local approaches. They serve to provide the overview information to lead a vessel to the initial fixes of the desired havens. The route, as shown, need not be adhered to if sections of the coast are being bypassed.

Tidal overview
Today's summary tidal overview for this route as of Tuesday, January 26th at 00:09. Tidal Streams at Lizard Point.

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