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Coastal Descriptions

Coastal overview for Rosslare Harbour to Cork Harbour
This is the primary coastal description and set of waypoints for the area between Rosslare Harbour and Cork Harbour. The detailed coastal description may be used by those planning to come closer inshore or to approach one of the useful passage havens that are listed along the length of the route. The sequence of description is from east to west or coastal clockwise, as follows: • From the Rosslare Harbour via its entrance channel• Inside the Bailies• Between Carnsore Point and the Tercheen and Black Rock• Between the Salt... get full information »

Coastal Routes and Cuts

Rounding the Southeast corner of Ireland via the 'Offshore Route'
This is a set of waypoints for rounding Carnsore Point, Ireland’s south-eastern corner, by the 'offshore route'. The sequence of description is from south and westward or coastal clockwise, passing:• Outside the Lucifer Bank• Seaward of Tuskar Rock and through the Inshore Traffic Zone of the Tuskar Rock Trafic Separation Scheme• South of the Barrels East Cardinal Mark• South of the Coningbeg Super Buoy. Those looking for the 'inshore route' may find it detailed in Ireland's South Coast Description ... get full information »

Tidal Optimisations

Useful tidal back eddies supporting passages from the Kilmore Quay area
This is a useful pair of tidal back-eddies located in the coastal bights east and west of Kilmore Quay and the Saltee Islands, upon the southeast corner of Ireland. The route covers both of the eddies although in practice it will only be one of its western or eastern halves that will be used to commence a coastal passage. ... get full information »