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Convenient sail ties

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What is the issue?
Securing and furling a mainsail normally involves lashing it down with a handful of sail ties. It is an operation carried out with one hand for the boat, one hand for your life on the slippery coachroof whilst holding a handful, or more likely mouthful, of sail ties that are ready to fly overboard.

Why address this?
Dealing with a large mainsail is a major and regular chore. Anything that makes it easier will greatly enhance the sailing experience.

How to address this?
Connect the sail ties to a length of shock cord, as illustrated below, that can be snapped in place to hold all the ties ready to hand.

Convenient sail ties
Photo: Michael Harpur

When the sail needs to be furled all that is required is to hook the shock cord onto each end of the boom and all the sail ties are in place ready to go. When the sail is hoisted they may all be taken down and stowed as one item.

With thanks to:
Michael Harpur, Yacht Obsession.
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