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Making dishwashing at sea much easier
Dishwashing is a less than pleasant daily chore at the best of times and a bane whilst passage making. Not only is water typically restricted but there is no safe place to set the tableware down before drying.

Showering from the vessels main water tank
When sailing in deep ocean or in areas where the water supply is uncertain or is a scarce resource, yachties have reservations about using a vessel's onboard reserve pressurised water system for personal showers. The problem with the system is that it is impossible to quantify the amount of water being used which leads to great unease and concern about drawing off water for showers.

A comfortable ships watch from the companionway
The companionway is a natural place on a vessel to sit and use as a watchpoint when using an autohelm. This is particularly the case for the cruising couple, where there are not too many comings and goings to obstruct, plus the off-watch are typically resting below decks. With a good spray dodger, the location offers protection from the elements and almost instant access to either the cockpit or the navigation table that typically resides immediately below. Although the position has the occasional blind spot, depending upon the spray dodger visor locations, these may easily be circumvented by occasionally leaning back and forth. The issue with this location is that it is uncomfortable, as one invariably has to sit on the raised frame of the hatch that the washboard slots into. Even when a bridge deck is available to sit upon, one’s legs still fall uncomfortably over the frame and onto the steps leading down below, which tends to cut off circulation after any length of time.

A comfortable seat for the helmsman
Many production boats do not have a cockpit seat for the Helmsman. A conspicuous example of this is in the Westerly Berwick 31 that is a renowned and stalwart cruising vessel. This forces the helmsman to either sit on either side of the cockpit depending on heal, or to stand for long periods.

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