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Undoing very tight screws
Screws, like almost every fastening, have a tendency to seize up on a seagoing vessel. They can also be very hard going to put in.

Cutting through stainless steel rope and rigging wire
Many people carry at least one spare length of the heaviest / longest rigging stay aboard plus a pair of swageless terminations or compression terminals. These terminate stainless steel rigging cables with simple hand tools and because they are so easy to assemble, the terminals are ideal to use in temporary jury-rigging situations. However, the problem many people face is cutting the hard stainless steel rigging wire to size. In the best of circumstances, it is very difficult to cut multistranded stainless steel rope let alone heavy rigging in such a fashion that it is even and the strands of cable do not become unlaid in the process.

A simple means to connect to lines and cables to support a parallel load
Connecting to a cable or line and supporting a parallel load is not an easy task and few knots can do it without slipping down the line.

How to prevent a line's natural tendency to fray
Almost all lines get worn and unravelled at the edge. This natural attrition, if left unattended, shortens the lines and makes for an ugly appearance.

Making secure and easy end joints
Wood screws tend not to bite securely into an end grain, making it difficult to construct strong end-joints with wood screws alone.

Releasing a sheared off bolt by welding
Bolts and nuts, like most fastenings, have a tendency to seize on boats due to the challenging seagoing environment. Apply just a touch too much pressure and the tension suddenly becomes soft or rubbery, and you are either breaking the bolt or stripping the threads. Most likely the former leaving a seized and often inaccessible bolt shaft sheared off.

Releasing seized nuts and bolts
Bolts and nuts like almost every fastening, have a tendency to seize up on boats due to the challenging sea going environment.

Fitting a PL259 aerial connector to coaxial cable
A high quality VHF installation is required to maximise reception and reduce interference. However cabling connections revolve around fitting PL259 plugs, an if that appears daunting it may lead you to call on expensive specialist help.

Making maintenance of awkward devices a littler easier
Carrying out maintenance in difficult areas is all too commonly encountered on a seagoing vessel. There is never the right tool, or if not the right reach for some tasks.

Marking out and cutting a round object such as an oar, boom or mast etc.
Accurately marking out a line on a round object and then cutting it is not a simple task. It is far more likely to go wrong than right.

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